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The feathers of foam continuous foam machine
2009-10-13 16:25:09
  Foam continuous foam machine using Mitsubishi PLC and 10.4-inch adult machine interface control, making control even more convenient, free, visual. Mitsubishi frequency converter used in various parts of the production line stepless speed regulation, with the more freely, making the sponge produced uniform, flat, waste less, and simple, easy to learn and understand
  When production of sponge, the most important thing is the quality of foam produced, Our foaming machine is in a continuous process of customers, all the needs of the customer responsibility to continuously upgrade and improve, are now making machine is running stable, high degree of automation to produce the quality of the sponge is fully consistent with expectations.
Compared with the traditional sponge foam machine, continuous foam production line efficiency increased exponentially, the production out of the sponge up and down evenly, avoiding the bottom of the density, at the top of the density of small defects, and the cutting machine can be set up according to their own needs sponge cutting length, free to use more freely.
  Humanness control system design, can be calculated according to set parameters and specifications of the density sponge size, automatically adjusts the six co-ordination of movements, automatic measuring the amount of various materials, the actual vote and in accordance with the need for automatic adjustment of system operation situation real-time monitoring and so on, and truly easy to operate the desired objectives. In addition the control system can be set one hundred formulation, you can always call and revised to reduce the foam to be set formula for each parameter of trouble.

   After the machine is running, the control system will automatically cleaning the nose, avoiding the clogging and corrosion of materials due to residual head for the next foaming.