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Maintenance of Pocket Spring Machine
2009-10-13 16:25:09
  Please prevent a lot of dust from the electricity box, the more the electricity
  box cleans, the longer the life of the transducer frequency and the PLC. If you find out that there is a lot of dust, please clean the box with the compressing air.

Each shift operator should lubricate such sliding parts of the machine as guide
rail and thread bars with butter in the place marked "butter nose". Everyone should pay attention to select the qualified.

   Attention: The head of the spring machine and the every shine bearing should
  lubricate twice per class, because there are big friction, please keep them lubricated well. Please lubricate the level warehouse with the butter once per three days.
   After the machine is running, the control system will automatically cleaning the nose, avoiding the clogging and corrosion of materials due to residual head for the next foaming.