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SL-WII Mattress Wrapping Machine
SL-WII Mattress Wrapping Machine
  The Mattress Wrapping Machine is the patent production of our company. It’s used for wrapping foam mattress so the mattress can be easy delivered and reduce the cost of delivery. The machine is good assembled and it is easy to install and maintain. The operation of this machine is very simple because of the advanced PLC controller and touch panel. The operator can operate the machine easy after some simple training.
Main technical parameters:
Machine size 3000x1050x1530mm
Wrapping Qty 1-6 sheet
Working Size 1800x2300x200mm
Wrapping ratio 10%
Air pressure 6KGS/cm3
Power 8kw
Weight 1500KG
SL-WII Mattress Wrapping Machine