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SL-08P Auto Pocket Spring Machine
SL-08P Auto Pocket Spring Machine
  The pocket spring machine is the new patent product of our company. The figure of the machine is compact and handsome .This machine is easy to maintain and operated. The pocket figure of the spring made by this machine is the patent of our company. It adopts two side overlap welding by ultrasonic equipment in the middle of the pocket. This technical make the spring become stronger and durable. And just need one set of ultrasonic equipment so the cost and the procedure is reduced. Also our machine adopts the servo motor to control. Compare to other pocket spring product line our machine take the advantage: Lower noise, less shake and high efficiency.
Main technical parameters:
Dimensions 3400mm(l)×1160mm(w)×1600mm(h)
Output 65 coils/min
Type of Spring Barrel/Cylindrical
Non-woven 65-100g/m2
Non-woven roll diameter Max 500mm
Spring diameter ∮1.8-∮2.2mm
Spring Height (after pocketed) 125mm-200mm
Weight 1600KG
Spring diameter ∮57mm-∮70mm
Spring circle 6.5-9 circles
Voltage AC 3 phase 380v
Power 16kw

Spring Diameter in the center Spring height inside the non-woven
Standard SL-07P-01 50-70 125-160mm
SL-07P-02 50-70 140-180mm
SL-07P-03 50-70 160-200mm
SL-08P Auto Pocket Spring Machine