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SL-08A Auto Pocket Spring Assembling Machine
SL-08A Auto Pocket Spring Assembling Machine
  This machine adopts the turning wheel to instead of the sensor counting to make the quantity counting become steadier. And the turning wheel can also smoothly the pocket spring and keep the same space between the spring, also can make the same length of each row of spring .Spring position using the distance location to make it more exactly .This machine can make both side by side and cross assembling .Using the thread slide rail to guide the gluing system to make the down gluing more accuracy. Auto cloth cutting implement the machinery automation.
Main technical parameters:
Dimensions 4000mm(l)×1400mm(w)×1470mm(h)
Spring Height 140-200mm
Spring Diameter ∮50-∮80mm
Quantity of spring of each row Max 34pcs
Air pressure 6KGS/cm3
Max non-woven diameter ∮400mm
Working table Size 1200mm×2400mm
Working efficiency 3 rows/min(25coils/row)
Working Voltage AC 3 phase 380V
Weight 1150KG
Power 5kw
SL-08A Auto Pocket Spring Assembling Machine