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SL-RC Computerized Circle Cutting Machine
SL-RC Computerized Circle Cutting Machine
  This machine is mainly used for multi foam block’s horizontal cutting. The cutting is efficient for its continues cutting without move back. And this machine adopts the PLC controller to adjust the cutting thickness and cutting speed. So the simple and precious operation is the characteristic of this machine.
Main technical parameters:
Worktable size Φ7200 mm
Max cutting height ≤1200mm
Cutting sponge size 2mx2mx1.2m
Length of knife belt 9900mm
Table turning speed ≤3.26rpm
Cutting thickness ≥2mm
Precision ≤1mm
Speed 5 circles/min
Voltage 3 Phase AC 380V
Power 7KW
SL-VC Foam Vertical Cutting Machine