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SL-CC CNC Cutting Machine(Wire Type)
SL-CC CNC Cutting Machine(Wire Type)
  Computerized cutting is easy to be operated because of using Windows system for base platform. And the drawing cut soft ward designed by ourselves is easy to use too. The operator after some simple education can operate the machine freely .The machine use very accurate AC servo system so the cut result is more accurate to the picture drawing in the computer. Using wire cutter can take infinitude of minimum cutting circle. And the wire cutter is cheap and easy to change.
Main technical parameters:
Max cutting size 2000×2000×1200mm
Machine size 3065x3290x2233mm 4285x3290x3010(Floor Size)
Wire raising speed ≤ 2000 mm/min
Worktable speed ≤ 4000 mm/min
Cutting precision ±0.5 mm
Worktable size 2000X2000mm
Cut picture Any planar picture